Monster Mash

Tyler Jacobson

"For some of you those monsters left you alone,but for some of us they crept inside of us and never left,they live inside us,and for some of us we became the monster."

- unknown

Monster Mash

Orlando Arocena

"Sometimes mortals can be more horrible than monsters."

-Rick Riordan

Monster Mash

Patrick Arrasmith

"…Late at night, when the hour is none, I dream the dreams of the damned. "

-James MIchael Rice

Monster Mash

Douglas Smith

"There is something haunting in the light of the moon; it has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its inconceivable mystery."

-Jospeh Conrad

Monster Mash

Sam Spratt

"There is no good and evil, there is only power…and those too weak to seek it."

-Quirrel ‘s lesson from Voldermort to Harry, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Monster Mash

Goni Montes

"We make our own monsters, then fear them for what they show us about ourselves "

-Mike Carey & Peter Gross

Monster Mash

Gregory Manchess

"There is a pleasing variety about my exhibits. My first experiment was so lovely that we made her a Queen. Charming, don’t you think?"

-Dr. Pretorious, “The Bride of Frankenstein”

Monster Mash

Ricardo Martinez

"Every monster was a man first."

-Edward Albee

Monster Mash

David Palumbo

"I’m normal till the sun goes down
Than the animal
The beast
It wants to come out
It roars it rips
It is al that is wrong
It hunts and kills all
Who cross paths
This is all cause if what it is
It is a werewolf”

-Fang Prometheus

Monster Mash

Edward Kinsella III

“Behind every tree there’s a new monster. “

-Todd Rundgren

Monster Mash

Jon Foster

"Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels"

-Francisco de Goya

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Tim Bower

"Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think"

-Robert Henri